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The Best Cocktails in America 2020: Editors' Picks

Meet the 10 drinks that Restaurant Hospitality editors chose as runners-up to our annual Best Cocktail list

Last week, Restaurant Hospitality unveiled the Best Cocktails in America 2020, which featured drinks that capitalized on TV and beverage trends. Smoking cocktails, modern adaptations of classics and a drink named after the Netflix sensation Tiger King.

Now, RH is releasing the Best Cocktails in America: Editors’ Picks. These are drinks that still made a big splash in the bar scene — like a disco ball filled with punch and a drink inspired by Prince — but that didn’t make the top 10.

This round of cocktails includes some fall- and winter-specific spins on traditional drinks, like a fall sangria cocktail with cranberry, a trendy alcoholic beverage that uses kombucha as its main ingredient, a drink with a hashtag as the name and more.

Some of these drinks were too good to pass up — like a shareable disco-ball drink — that aren’t quite appropriate in the current moment but we hope make a comeback once cities allow bars to reopen and resume full capacity.

Without further ado, take a look at the Best Cocktails in America 2020: Editor’s Picks.

TAGS: Drink Trends
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