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2014 Best Cocktails in America: Berry-Thyme Shrubtail

Not only has America’s love for cocktails grown tremendously in recent years, so has the skill of those who prepare them. Restaurant Hospitality’s editorial staff selected 29 top cocktails prepared by mixologists around the country. See all winners >>

Category: Shrub

Restaurant: Chakra, Paramus, NJ

Creator: Evelyn Ciszak, g.m & beverage director

Inspiration: A multi-dimensional cocktail for the summer.

Key Ingredients: Ford’s Gin, blackberry-thyme shrub mixture and agave

Price: $13

What the Judges Said: “We’re big fans of any drink that incorporates a great drinking vinegar into the mix. In this case, Ciszak mixes apple cider vinegar into a mixture of blackberries, thyme, sugar and water. It’s bracingly delicious when mixed with the gin and cut slightly with the agave. This is a beautifully balanced cocktail with just the right kick.”

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TAGS: Drink Trends
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