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Salty and Sweet, a Winning Combination

Salty and Sweet, a Winning Combination

Leave it to the French to invent a sweet and savory combination so delectable that Americans simply can’t resist: Salted Caramel. Just a few years ago the French creation didn’t even exist on menus in the U.S. Now, salted caramel can be found everywhere from artisinal chocolate shops and fine dining restaurants to major coffee chains and fast-food outlets.

The French typically use the combination in candies and pastries, while here the combo is showing up in candies, as well as in ice cream, frozen yogurt, milkshakes and coffee drinks. While consumers like salted caramel for it’s “new” factor, it’s the unexpected combination of sweet and savory that gives the ingredient long-lasting appeal. There are many ways to add this on-trend flavor to your menu, but why stop at dessert or coffee? Go ahead, use this unexpected combination in unexpected ways.


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