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This week's top 10: Thomas Keller sues his insurer over coronavirus claims, the House passes $2 trillion stimulus package

A group of chefs and lawyers in Chicago form a new coalition to fight insurance claims, what does your insurance cover and more news

This week, independent restaurants took the reigns into their hands with insurance companies.

Thomas Keller sued his own insurance company after Hartford Fire Insurance Company denied there was any business interruption. The chef and owner of French Laundry took his insurer to court after they claimed that there were no dangerous conditions at the restaurant amid the restaurant's closure for the coronavirus pandemic.

In Chicago, chefs and lawyers joined together to form the Business Interruption Group with the intention of fighting insurance claims for restaurants related to coronavirus. Formed by the same law firm that helped Keller, this group's intention is to set a precedent that business interruption was caused by coronavirus and must be covered. They are seeking immediate compensation.

Also, the House passed the stimulus bill on Friday which will inject $2 trillion back into the economy by helping various companies and individuals. What will it do for restaurants specifically? Find out more

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