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This week's top 10: The CDC reverses aerosol guidelines, Chicago releases outdoor dining regulations, Resy opens fine-dining drive-thru

The Crack Shack receives an investment from Savory fund, Bulrush opens a drive-in tasting menu and more trending stories from this week

This week, the CDC backtracked on a set of regulations posted then removed from its website last Friday. The new guidance covered the airborne spread of COVID-19, crucial information for restaurants re-opening for indoor dining, but was immediately removed. The Centers for Disease Control released a statement that the guidelines were posted in error as they were only proposed changes.

Also, the city of Chicago released its own guidelines for outdoor dining in the cold months. Over the past few years, restaurants have worked to take advantage of outdoor space through the winter months, even in colder climates like Chicago, with iglooe, yurts and tents.

These new guidelines provide both capacity restrictions and ventilation requirements for restaurants reopening.

As a reaction to the current climate around reopening and the suffering of fnie-dining restaurants, reservation platform Resy is opening a drive-thru in Los Angeles that highlights dishes from ten fine-dining chefs or restaurants for a 10 course meal. The entire meal is served in the customer's car, escorted by a waiter throughout the whole experience at the Hollywood Palladium.

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