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Trendinista: Restaurants diversify with butcheries, bakeries, markets

Chefs and restaurateurs are a creative bunch and like to think outside the box; when one pushes the envelope, a few others will follow, and all of a sudden we’ve got ourselves a new trend in dining.

Most recently, we’ve noticed a number of projects expanding beyond just a sit-down restaurant and including other services, such as a market, café, butchery, bakery or event space. We see this as a smart business move for a number of reasons.

Having a butchery in the basement or a bakery in the back allows restaurants to fill their menus with food that has been prepared in house rather than bought from a distributor. We know for a fact that diners today want more transparency, and restaurants that break down the animals on the premises give diners that much more confidence that what's on their plates is safe and typically sustainable. Opening a butcher counter, bakery or café alongside your full-service restaurant also helps business owners diversify their offerings. And we know takeout and grab-and-go are increasing in popularity as people’s lives get busier and busier.

Here are four owners who have branched out and opened restaurants with a second, third or even fourth outlet attached.

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