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Obi Ostergard runs a sexy collection of Frenchstyle restaurants
<p>Obi Ostergard runs a sexy collection of French-style restaurants.</p>

2015 RH 25: Au Bon Repas

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Headquarters: San Francisco

Annual Sales: $10 million

Units: 5

Key Personnel:
• Franck LeClerc, owner
• Obadiah Ostergard, president

• Café Claude (a classic French bistro)
• Claudine (a casual café and wine bar serving French-influenced soups, salads and sandwiches)
• Gitane (a romantic restaurant that offers a menu featuring the flavors of France, Spain and Italy)
• Gaspar Brasserie (a French brasserie with elegant mid-century design)
• The Gallery (a private event space with restaurant-caliber food)

• Le Drugstore (an innovative bar featuring molecular cocktails)

Au Bon Repas may have the most charming collection of restaurants on this year’s list. Four of its French-style restaurants are located on San Francisco’s quaint Claude Lane. Its fifth restaurant is just around the corner. If you’re a fan of this group’s offerings, and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be, this is a one-stop shop for some terrific eating in very sexy restaurants. Obadiah “Obie” Ostergard, president of the group, says the French focus has great relevance because “its roots are based in the long French tradition of gathering around the table to share an experience as a core fundamental aspect of life.” There’s a lot to be said for selecting a focus and perfecting it. The folks at Au Bon Repas know what they like and know what they’re good at—and they’re working it to perfection.

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