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Crunchy Avocado Roll

Crunchy Avocado Roll

From: Executive chef/partner John Chiakulas, foodlife, Chicago. Yield: 12 servings.

as needed, crunchy wasabi crumbs (recipe follows)

12 soy wrappers with sesame seeds

9 cups prepared sushi rice

4 Fresh Hass Avocados*, peeled, each cut into 12 slices

48 Fresno red chile strips, fresh, about ⅛ oz. each

1⅛ cups fresh cilantro leaves

2 oz. soy sauce

as needed, pickled ginger

as needed, wasabi paste

Crunchy Wasabi Crumbs (yields 1½ cups or 12 servings):

2 cups Japanese style panko breadcrumbs

⅛ cup wasabi paste

1 bunch cilantro, with stems, coarsely chopped

For crunchy wasabi crumbs:

Place breadcrumbs, wasabi and chopped cilantro in a food processor and pulse until crumbs are smooth and bright green. Transfer to a paper-lined sheet pan and bake at 300°F (no fan) for 10-12 minutes. Remove from oven, mix and turn crumbs and place back in the oven. Bake for an additiional 10-12 minutes or until the crumbs are dry and crunchy but not brown. Cool to room temperature, label and store covered at room temperature.

Per order, single serving:

Place one sesame soy wrap on cutting board. Top with 4 oz. prepared sushi rice and spread to cover, leaving ½" of paper not covered for the top edge. Flip over so rice is now on the board. In the center of the soy wrapper, place a horizontal line of 4 slices of avocado. Top the avocado with 4 slices of Fresno red chile strips. Top with 1½ Tbsp. cilantro leaves. Roll up from the bottom, tucking in lightly to close and seal. Place the roll with seam side down and use the sushi mat to shape, form and tuck in sides. Roll this in 2 Tbsp. of crunchy wasabi crumbs to coat evenly. Slice in half, then slice each half in thirds for 6 even slices. Serve with a pinch of pickled ginger, a pinch of wasabi paste and 1 tsp. soy sauce.

*Large avocados, averaging about 8 oz., are recommended for this recipe. If using smaller or larger avocados, adjust quantity accordingly.