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Perfectly Quotable

Perfectly Quotable

I used to use the name
Mr. Stench; it was funny
to be in a posh hotel
and hear a very proper
concierge call out,
‘Mr. Stench, please.’

—Johnny Depp on using an
alias when he travels

Tipping the host $10 is a waste of money; you
won’t get seated more quickly for anything less
than $20. (For $20, I’ll wait my turn.)

— Phil Vettel, Chicago Tribune restaurant critic , on getting seated
in a “hot” restaurant

You’ve got to have some confidence in yourself to
go on a show like The Next Iron Chef. These chefs are
arguably the top chefs in the country. And so, there’s
never going to be a situation where you put food in
front of them and they won’t know how to cook it.

—Chef Michael Symon, a 1997 RH Rising Star and winner
of the Food Network’s cooking competition, The Next Iron Chef.