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Video of the week: Former Spotted Pig waitress says restaurant industry is 'lawless'

"There's a confusion that you're somehow a part of the menu."

In this clip of a recent interview for CBS news show "60 Minutes," Trish Nelson, a former waitress at The Spotted Pig, speaks out on the restaurant industry, calling it as "lawless" and "without rules."

The New York City restaurant's co-owner Ken Friedman faced allegations of sexual harassment from former employees in December.

"There's a confusion that you're somehow a part of the menu," Nelson says, describing the work environment for servers.

Restaurateur Mario Batali, who stepped down from operations of B&B Hospitality Group amid sexual harassment accusations in December, also allegedly engaged in inappropriate behavior at The Spotted Pig.

The chef frequently visited the concept as an investor and a friend of Friedman, as mentioned by CBS News.

Batali is under a ongoing criminal investigation into allegations of sexual misconduct led by the New York Police Department, according to The Huffington Post.

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