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The top 10 stories of 2022

The top performing story on Restaurant Hospitality this year was The Best Sandwiches of 2022. Sandwiches — convenient, versatile and usually affordable — remain a staple of the American diet, and Restaurant Hospitality’s Best Sandwiches competition remains a popular attraction, drawing some of the smartest independent restaurant operators who in turn provide inspiration for the industry as a whole.

Another story on this list is the 10 Best Cocktails at independent restaurants across America. This year’s Best Cocktail submissions, we saw the continuation of a number of trends. There was plenty of smoke and spice, along with healthful ingredients designed to give a nutritional boost. We saw clarified juices and fat-washed spirits; drinks with complex back stories and others that oozed simple elegance. And we saw some terrific presentation.

Also, 5 new restaurants to try in Chicago. Chicago is a restaurant-rich town and there is no shortage of options. For those who are looking for what’s new, here are five spots that have opened within the past month or so. Lettuce Entertain You Enterprises has added an experiential Omakase Room to the Sushi-san concept. For a deeper dive, LEYE’s Amarit Dulyapaibul, managing partner of Sushi-san and two other restaurants within the group, spoke to our Food Editor Bret Thorn for a recent In the Kitchen podcast.

Click through the gallery to check out which other stories made it on this years top performing stories. 

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