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Giving Kitchen, in partnership with Chef Andrew Zimmern, is helping foodservice workers recover from substance abuse.

Georgia non-profit Giving Kitchen helps foodservice workers financially while they recover from substance abuse

The organization joined with partner Chef Andrew Zimmern to explain the program, which gives grants to workers in the recovery phase

Georgia non-profit organization Giving Kitchen, with an initiative to help members of the foodservice community suffering from substance abuse, released a video this week with some star power in the form of partner Chef Andrew Zimmern.

“Substance abuse is rampant in the restaurant industry, and resources to help employees recover from addiction are very limited,” said Zimmern. “Giving Kitchen is actively addressing this issue by reinforcing that substance abuse is an illness and making recovery a qualifying crisis for financial support and resource allocation. This is a significant step toward providing the life-changing services that are long overdue and is more important than ever during a time when the industry itself is fighting to survive.” 

The organization opened applications for the new initiative in December for “foodservice workers who have recently undergone inpatient treatment for substance abuse and need help with cost of living,” according to Giving Kitchen’s mission statement.

Giving Kitchen will provide financial assistance including money for rent and utility bills. Additionally, the organization will be able to make referrals to affordable inpatient facilities by early 2021.  

“There is an overwhelming need within the foodservice industry to support those in recovery,” said Giving Kitchen executive director Bryan Schroeder. “Many foodservice workers are forced to choose between housing stability and addiction. When they make the brave decision to get the help they need, [Giving Kitchen] will be here with the support they deserve. We will keep the lights on and a roof overhead when they come home.”

Watch the video with Chef Zimmern explaining the program here:



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