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Book Report | BBQ and Olive Oil

Book Report | BBQ and Olive Oil

Big Bob Gibson’s BBQ Book

By Chris Lilly
Clarkson Potter, $24.99

Gibson was Lilly's great-grandfather-in-law, and his wisdom informs this book. But Lilly, an accomplished pitmaster, has contributed as much or more during his stewardship of the family business. You can see why when you read this information-packed 256-page book, which blends valuable information on low-and-slow BBQ as practiced in Big Bob Gibson's North Alabama stronghold, plus close-as-you-can-get-to-proprietary formulas for the seasonings and sauces that have kept this great restaurant in the forefront for decades. This book will get you in the mood for BBQ and tell you how to do it right. Don't miss the “White BBQ Sauce” for chicken.

The New American Olive Oil

By Fran Gage
Stewart, Tabori & Chang, $29.95

Olive oil can be a complex topic, but it's one where knowledge like the kind Gage passes out in this sexier-than-it-sounds book can help you sort through the many options. She focuses on artisanal oils from U.S. producers, introducing her readers to 15 of the best ones and throwing in 75 contemporary recipes that really show these oils off. If you're content to use a generic olive oil your distributor happens to recommend, don't read this book. Gage will easily convince you it's time to upgrade your kitchen's olive oil lineup, ASAP.

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