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Ett-1.jpg Jessamine Starr
The setup at Ett in Atlanta.

In the woods outside Atlanta, Ett is serving a five-course meal in isolation

Now taking reservations for a table of one

Buried a third of a mile in the woods of Atlanta lies a scenic eating experience meant to envelop all senses. It’s called Ett, which means “one” in Swedish.

Inspired by Table for One, a solo restaurant in a meadow in Sweden that began during COVID quarantine, Jessamine Starr in Atlanta set up her own “restaurant” for one on her wooded property.Starr was previously a caterer and food truck operator before COVID-19 hit and decimated her business. With her newly found free time, she decided to embrace the feeling of solitude and help others do the same.

But Ett is about more than the food. Tables are set for a single guest. Diners begin their experience with a 0.3-mile walk around the woods before sitting down to the solo meal.

As if a little forest faerie was involved somehow, by the time the meandering walk is completed, the food is waiting for the diner, cooked and placed in secret by Starr herself. Covered in a glass cloche to protect from animals, of course.

The vegetarian and mostly vegan menu is ever-changing, based on Starr’s own moods and the availability of the ingredients.

Ett-3.jpgThe photo is part of the offering in mid-September, which included jicama parchment with cucumber, watermelon and lemongrass salad, Thai Jungle Curry with assorted sweet potatoes, delicata, long beans and foraged oyster mushrooms, Egg Rice Nest with amaranth sprouts, Sweet Apple Samosa hand pies with tamarind glaze and mint, Spiced Elderberry soda and a wildflower bouquet to take home.

Pricing is “pay what you can” and Starr often exchanges food for goods, like a bouquet of flowers or even a live chicken on one occasion.

There are only six slots available a month, and they book up fast.

Contact Holly at [email protected]

Find her on Twitter: @hollypetre

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