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New on the Menu

New on the menu: Palm bisque, PB&J pancakes, and a Brussels sprouts taco

Plus lobster-stuffed avocado and a salad-inspired cocktail

Shenarri Freeman is now a bicoastal chef, with the vegan soul food restaurant Cadence in New York City and the recently opened Ubuntu in West Hollywood, Calif., serving vegan West African-inspired food. Palm oil is a big part of West African cooking, as are other parts of the palm tree, and this is reflected in Freeman’s palm bisque at Ubuntu.

Quite a ways north, in Healdsburg, Calif., Spoonbar is taking a California delicacy, the avocado, and stuffing it with lobster salad.

In Boston, chef Cory Seeker is taking two rather trendy items — Brussels sprouts and tacos — and putting them together in a spicy, sour, and sweet menu item, while in Charleston, S.C., at Bodega, chef Alec Gropman is combining two childhood favorites, peanut butter & jelly sandwiches and pancakes.

In Brooklyn, N.Y., at the recently opened Layla, a fennel salad is the inspiration for a refreshing cocktail.


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Correction: October 16, 2023
An error in the origins of the lobster stuffed avocado has been corrected.
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