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New on the menu: Goat pot pie and a Spicy Leprechaun

Plus Southeast Asian beef tartare, scallop ceviche and crab leg sushi

the coast of Alaska, that the fishing season was canceled for last fall and the current winter. But Bairdi crab, another snow crab species, is doing fine, according to the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute. Also called tanner crab, the quota for harvesting them has been set at more than five million pounds. 

Taichi Kitamura likes Bairdi crab so much that he’s simply steaming them whole and serving them over sushi rice for $14 apiece at Sushi Kappo Tamura in Seattle.

Mat Urban, executive chef of The Joule hotel in Dallas, is a fan of local ingredients, including goat and lamb, as well as Texas cheddar cheese, all of which go into the savory pie at the hotel’s CBD Provisions.

In Houston, at Jūn, chefs Evelyn Garcia and Henry Lu are hopping on the beef tartare bandwagon with a version inspired by the Thai-Lao dish laab.

At Everdene restaurant at the Virgin Hotels New York City, chef Freddy Vargas draws inspiration from Peruvian ceviche for a scallop dish, and in Denver, Deviation Distilling is making a spicy gin drink for St. Patrick’s Day called The Spicy Leprechaun.

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