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New on the menu: Fried pig ears and freekeh salad

Plus tuna crudo over ’nduja, octopus with almonds, and a cocktail evoking the Eastern Mediterranean

Indaco, an Italian concept by Indigo Road Hospitality Group, now has four locations, and at the newest on, in Atlanta, sous chef Alex Fagan created a unique sort of surf-and-turf dish for which ’nduja sausage is spread over grilled sourdough focaccia and topped with tuna crudo. 

A sous chef also created the octopus dish at Neeloo, a new restaurant in Brooklyn, where Sean Moser poaches and marinates octopus, and then grills it and serves it over almond purée

Across the East River in Manhattan, at Fossetta, which recently opened on New York’s Lower East Side, chef Charlene Santiago is frying pig ears and serving them with agrodolce. 

In Washington, D.C., at Ilili, a Lebanese restaurant that also has a location in New York City, chef Satinder Vij is offering up a warm salad made with freekeh, a grain made by smoking green durum wheat.

A Lebanese temple site lends its name to a cocktail at Pine Bistro, which recently opened in Las Vegas, for which orange vodka and a syrup made of orange flower water are combined with the anise-flavored spirit arak.


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