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4. Miznon Beetroot Carpaccio_credit Kate Previte.jpg Kate Previte
Charred beetroot carpaccio with horseradish and crème fraiche.

Israeli concept Miznon opens in Dallas, with more Texas locations to follow

The Tel-Aviv-founded restaurant serves Mediterranean street food and stuffed pitas

Miznon — a casual Mediterranean concept founded in Tel Aviv in 2011 by prolific chef and TV personality Ayel Shani — has since expanded to select markets across the world, including Paris, Vienna, Melbourne, Singapore and London. The restaurant made its stateside debut in New York in 2018, followed by a Las Vegas outpost in 2022, and has now opened in Texas for the first time under a franchisee’s ownership.

On March 30, Miznon opened in Dallas’ entertainment district, Deep Ellum, a buzzing neighborhood dotted with bars, restaurants, and music venues.

“My first encounter with Miznon was in Tel Aviv, and it was a revelatory dining experience,” Miznon Dallas owner Jude Akpunku said, adding that he gravitated toward the restaurant’s flavors and vibrant atmosphere and wanted to bring the concept to Dallas. “The city’s dynamic culinary scene seemed ripe for the introduction of Miznon’s fusion of tradition and modernity.”

Miznon Dallas is 3,800 square feet and seats more than 200 guests across the large indoor dining room, spacious bar and a front patio overlooking Main Street. Olive-colored walls feature chalk drawings and colorful handwritten phrases in Hebrew and English.

Akpunku acknowledges that the large dining room and full bar may seem like a departure from the typical fast-casual model, but he said they create a welcoming space for diners.

The menu highlights Mediterranean street food, with many dishes stuffed into pitas. Popular pita-based options include lavan, which features cauliflower, tahini, tomato salsa, spicy green peppers and scallions; and the folded cheeseburger, with ground beef, cheddar, aioli, sour cream, tomato and pickles. Other pitas are stuffed with lamb kebab, steak and falafel, and non-pita dishes include whole roasted cauliflower, charred beetroot carpaccio, and a hummus plate.

One item exclusive to the Dallas location is the bone-in pita featuring slow-cooked lamb spare rib stew, sweet grapes, tahini, chili, onion and pickles.

The bar offers beers, wines, spirits and cocktails, including light spritzes and fizzes, an old fashioned, and a mojito spiked with arak, an anise-flavored spirit popular across the Middle East.

Unlike most Miznon locations, Dallas stays open late, serving food until midnight or 2 a.m., depending on the day. Akpunku said that decision is a nod to the lively neighborhood.

“While Miznon locations worldwide adapt to their local environments, our late-night menu and hours in Dallas are uniquely tailored to cater to the neighborhood’s lively nightlife,” he said. “It’s our way of embracing and contributing to the local culture, offering a welcoming space for everyone, no matter the hour.”

Akpunku also shared that he and his team are currently in the strategic planning stage for expanding Miznon to other North Texas locations.

“Chef Eyal Shani’s culinary vision will be making a significant mark on the Texas food scene,” he said. “Our goal is not just expansion, but to weave Miznon into the fabric of Texas’s diverse culinary culture, bringing our unique blend of flavors to more communities across the state.”

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