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Butchertown Grocery rocks

Butchertown Grocery, the brainchild of a rock star, a high-stakes lawyer and an award-winning chef, recently opened in Louisville. The restaurant reflects the historic neighborhood and the century-old space, which once housed a grocery store.

Its creators—chef Bobby Benjamin, My Morning Jacket drummer Patrick Hallahan and lawyer Jon Salomon—hope Butchertown Grocery will serve as Louisville’s living room. Guests are encouraged to come for a business lunch, for the tasting menu, a laid-back brunch or an after-midnight snack. It has an impressive lineup of sipping whiskeys, which is no surprise for Louisville, but the cocktail selection is as smart and sophisticated as it gets.

In short, Butchertown is the funky, refined neighborhood bar everyone wishes was in their town. Here’s a look inside.

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