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9 crazy-cool new restaurants we’re dying to try before 2021 ends

A touch of drama, intriguing fusions and super-cute lunch boxes are grabbing our attention as the year draws to a close

We’ve gathered a smattering of restaurants we’re dying to try as 2021 melts into 2022, with all the excitement and hope of a new year, a new chance to wow. This season, scrappy restaurateurs are digging in their hospitality heels and delivering cool new concepts that play with fusion’s boundaries in new ways, mash up dayparts, define authenticity through different lenses, entertain with tableside theatrics, offer one-of-a-kind experiences and pour up some powerful cocktails, too, all in an atmosphere that’s been custom curated and precision designed to bring on a specific mood.

Of note are elements of the unexpected, the dramatic and the just plain cool in this batch of Restaurants We’re Dying to Try, including Carversteak in Las Vegas, 2 Korean Girls in Chicago, YumCha Dumpling & Noodle Bar in Denver, Hilda and Jesse in San Francisco, The Fin in Philly, Dolce Vita in D.C., Maya in Charleston, S.C., Laurel Brasserie & Bar in Salt Lake City and Birdie’s in Richmond.


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