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5 exciting new Southern restaurants you should know about

Reserve your table for Israeli cuisine, wood-fired meats, and a nouveau-American tasting menu, from Texas to Florida

With spring around the corner and as diners begin to emerge from their homes, new concepts are popping up all over the country. A new springtime restaurant roster includes this five-pack of exciting new restaurants across the South — from Texas to Florida — that have recently opened their doors.

Acclaimed Israeli chef Tom Aviv has come to Miami to open Branja, a fun concept that creatively merges Israeli staples with global influences. In Orlando, the interactive popup restaurant experience, Foreigner, has found a permanent home and begun serving its tasting menu to 10 diners per night. And in Nashville, a veteran hospitality trio has opened Noko, with a focus on wood-fired Asian cuisine.

Over in Texas, you’ll find Luminaire, an ambitious hotel restaurant from San Antonio chef and James Beard fixture, Steve McHugh; and down in Houston, a dynamic duo is making “new Asian-American food” that celebrates pickles and ferments.

Click through for more details on these exciting new restaurants.

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