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NRA reveals 2014 FABI Award picks

NRA reveals 2014 FABI Award picks

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The National Restaurant Association unveiled the winners of this year’s FABI (Food and Beverage Innovations) Awards. Chosen by an independent panel of experts, the products selected represent new packaging designs, solutions in efficiency and waste reduction, as well as alternatives to satisfy consumer desires for gluten-free, artisan and vegan menu items. Award winners will be showcased at the association’s Restaurant, Hotel-Motel Show on May 17-20 in Chicago.

2014 FABI Awards recipients include:

Atalanta Corp.
Skura Nera: Pizza Flour

A modern development of an ancient technique, this distinctive flour blend provides smoky flavor profiles to artisanal-style products and can be used to create unique pizza, pasta or bread.

Atalanta Corp.
Sweety Drop Peppers

Discovered growing in the Amazon Rainforest, this new, versatile and unique pepper has a colorful appearance and sweet flavor and can be used to add a signature twist to salads, pizzas, pastas and more.

Bonfire Wines
Bonfire Wine Pouch

This new evolution of wine packaging is a versatile pouch that is easy to use, keeps wine fresh for four weeks and dramatically reduces packaging volume and waste.

Chiquita Brands North America
Gourmet Cafe Creative Classics from Fresh Express

Incorporating creative and unique ingredients into classic salad recipes, this new line of salads delivers a great-tasting, healthy and convenient menu option with 15 days of shelf life.

Deya's Gluten Free
Gluten-Free Flour

Using dried egg whites as a key ingredient, this flour is designed as a one-for-one replacement without the characteristic differences in texture or aftertaste, allowing operators to easily make gluten-free versions of flour-based recipes.

Diamond Crystal Brands
Liquid Portions Line

A new line of flavorful dressings, sauces and condiments that are low-sodium, gluten-free and trans-fat-free with no added high fructose corn syrup; developed to appeal to K-12 students while helping schools provide healthier menus.

Gardein Vegan Fishless Filets

Made with non-GMO soy and wheat, ancient grains and veggies, these filets deliver the taste, texture and omega 3s of fish with no cholesterol or trans-fat—providing operators a healthy menu option that is a good source of fiber, 100 vegan vegan and kosher-certified.

Green Mountain Coffee Roasters
Keurig BOLT Pack

This self-contained pack features premeasured ground coffee with a built-in filter—delivering 64 ounces of fresh, consistent coffee in about two minutes for increased efficiency and less mess.

Hormel Health Labs—Diamond Crystal Brands
Thick & Easy HP Shaped Purees

Designed for people with swallowing difficulties, these pureed meat and vegetable products provide high-protein, low-sodium nutrition without sacrificing taste or visual appearance.

Kiki's Gluten Free Foods
Gluten Free Deep Dish Pizza

Frozen and packaged to prevent cross contamination, this is the first commercially available gluten-free deep dish pizza, allowing operators to offer a quality Chicago-style pizza that accommodates guests with gluten-free diets.

Schmaltz Products
Schmacon Smoked & Cured Glazed Beef Slices

Beef’s full-flavored new answer to bacon, this patent-pending product allows operators to deliver a high-quality alternative to pork bacon with significantly less fat, sodium and calories than pork bacon.

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