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New on the menu: Tamarind ribs and bok choy-beet salad

Plus an oyster roasted with squid ink, mushroom curry, and a cocktail inspired by Salvador Dali

As part of the special menu celebrating the Hindu holiday Diwali at Khan Saab Desi Craft Kitchen in Fullerton, Calif., chef Imran Mookhi is offering a vegan version of korma, a type of curry that typically goes heavy on the dairy and contains chicken or lamb. 

Not that far away in Costa Mesa, Calif., at Blossom & Brass, executive chef Juan Vera is offering a non-vegan salad that has bok choy as its base and beets as its dressing, but also blue cheese.

Compound butter made with squid ink is one of the distinguishing characteristics of the roasted oysters at Sagaponack in New York City, and at Immigrant food in Washington, D.C., the complex sweet-and-sourness of tamarind is what makes the ribs special.

And in Dallas, at Babou’s, a new cocktail bar named after Salvador Dali’s pet ocelot, visions of how the artist might have looked while walking his pets in New York City were the inspiration of a signature cocktail.


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