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New on the Menu: Grilled stone fruit and melon salad

Plus multicultural baby back ribs, pizza with Albanian sausage, a cocktail with tea-infused vodka and another one with lychee and ginger

Although Italy is the birthplace of pizza, in the northeastern United States many pizzerias are actually run by Albanian immigrants and/or their children. At Töska Restaurant and Brewery in Philadelphia, that Albanian influence is brought to the fore with sujuk sausage.

In Napa, Calif., at the Silverado resort, Patrick Prager brings global influences to baby back ribs by braising them in white wine and Asian aromatics and then glazing them in a combination of hoisin and sweet chile sauces.

Lindens a restaurant by Renwick Hospitality Group in New York City, celebrates the summer with local stone fruit over lemon ricotta, and in Baltimore, local melons and arugula form the foundation of a salad at Tagliata, part of the Atlas Restaurant Group.

At the Americano in Scottsdale, bartender Megan McFadden’s love of tea is expressed in her complex Live and Let Thai cocktail, while in Hallandale Beach, Fla., at Kao Bar & Grill, ginger and lychee juice bring tropical flair to a tequila drink.

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