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Let prediction season begin

Round 1 of what to expect for food and beverages in 2020

With October nearly over and a mere two months left in the 20-teens, the trend forecasts for 2020 are rolling in at a steady pace.

Despite its neat, symmetrical numerical balance, 2020 is a year shrouded in some uncertainty. Some see continued economic strength, while others see recession clouds looming. There will most certainly be a contentious political climate. Restaurants will continue to struggle with rising costs and shifting consumer habits, evolving with the times.

And guests will continue to seek out the delicious and craveable.

Here’s a look at the early batch of prognosticators making their predictions for food, beverage and dining trends next year. These come from various sources in the industry, with more to come.

Take a look at these 2020 trend predictions. We’ve pulled out the highlights:



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