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Feeding the yogurt culture

Discover how one of America’s most versatile foods turns ordinary dishes extraordinary

Nearly one in three Americans eats yogurt regularly, according to NPD data. In fact, NPD experts have even gone so far as to call yogurt the “food of the decade” because of its ability to work with every meal including breakfast, lunch, snacks, dinner, and dessert. It only makes sense that this popular protein-packed dairy item would find its way onto restaurant menus.

The Dannon Company confirms that sales of yogurt—specifically bulk yogurt for foodservice use—is steadily rising. Michelle Amador, business development manager for The Dannon Company, noted that sales of bulk Greek yogurt are currently growing at 150 percent the rate of bulk traditional yogurt, and usage of bulk Greek yogurt is expected to grow 40 percent over the next three years.

And while much of that bulk yogurt may be earmarked for yogurt parfaits and smoothie shops, we’re also seeing an enormous amount of creativity coming from chefs as they integrate yogurt into daily specials and signature dishes. Take a look at these seven examples.

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