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Farm to wheel

Just like restaurants, it’s about filling a need

Solomon Bayer-Pracht and Lauren Johnson are bringing the farm-to-table movement on the road with their food truck, Farmers and Foragers.

Founded in 2014, this Burlington, Vt.-based food truck partners with local farms to source the ingredients for a diverse menu of American comfort food. Bayer-Pracht and Johnson even forage some produce from the Vermont wilderness.

It’s a food-truck concept tailor-made for Vermont locals, a community that really cares about where their food comes from said Bayer-Pracht.

“When you go to a food truck rally, everything tastes amazing, but you don’t know where the food comes from,” he said. “I think we brought some level of consciousness to that.” 

The growth of their catering business proves there’s still room for unique truck concepts in the mobile culinary sphere.    

“We work with around 10 local farmers that send us their local in-season produce,” Bayer-Pracht said. “We don’t want any ingredients to come across the city or the world.”

Their current catering menu features entrees like grilled cheese, barbecue chicken tacos, and their signature Vermont cheesesteak. The truck sees about $350,000 in annual sales with events generating about $4,000 to $5,000. A brick-and-mortar restaurant is planned by 2020.

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