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PBampJ Pears Brie and Jam Grilled Cheese Sandwich
<p>PB&amp;J (Pears, Brie and Jam) Grilled Cheese Sandwich</p>

11 new versions of classic sandwiches

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Sometimes, all it takes is a simple ingredient switch or an upgrade to elevate a traditional sandwich to one of tomorrow’s classics.

Take grilled cheese, for example.  At South Water Kitchen in Chicago, the PB&J (Pears, Brie and Jam) sandwich is rich with the flavors of Brie and blueberry jam with pear slices on whole wheat bread. At Cannery Brewing Company in Monterey, CA, the Short Rib Grilled Cheese is a hearty combo of braised short rib, oven-roasted tomatoes, goat cheese and Provolone, along with balsamic onions and pickled peppers served on sourdough bread.

Another vintage favorite, the piled-high Dagwood, gets a new spin from Chef Rodney Scruggs of The Occidental in Washington, DC.  His Lamb Dagwood combines cured, thinly sliced lamb shoulder with goat cheese, arugula, pickled ramps and strawberry jam. And at Lunchbox in Washington, DC, the traditional fish sandwich gets a tweak with housemade hoagie rolls and tartar sauce. The Fileo Fish features catfish fillets and Cheddar cheese.

Panini grilled sandwiches are an Italian tradition, but they also work for Middle Eastern and Asian ingredients such as the Honey and Grilled Garlic Tofu Panini. The Peanut Panini from Parish in Atlanta combines green peanut hummus, tomato jelly and prosciutto on ciabatta bread. It was developed for the PBJ for Good program that ran last October to correspond with World Food Day, in which chefs from Atlanta and California were invited to participate.

Beef burgers and steak sandwiches are firmly entrenched in the American sandwich lexicon, but there’s always room for new varieties. The lunch menu at Hash House A Go Go (locations in San Diego, Las Vegas and elsewhere) entices customers with several types of one-pound stuffed burgers— two beef patties stuffed with other ingredients. Also, consider the Beef Cheek Sandwich from chef John Tesar of Knife in Dallas, and recipes such as the Korean-inspired Bulgogi Steak Sandwich featuring sliced, marinated beef ribs. Get inspired by these sandwich recipes, and more.

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• Honey and Garlic Grilled Tofu Panini

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