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New on the Menu: Wagyu gyoza and snapper crudo with hibiscus

Plus potato-and-cheese entomatadas, pork cavatelli and a yuzu-ginger drink

We like to joke that if we see three of something then it’s a trend, which means we’re almost there with dumplings enhanced by a crispy web. Chris Cheung does that with Cantonese har gow at East Wind Snack Shop in Brooklyn, N.U. and now Anastasia Song is doing it with Japanese gyoza at the soon-to-open location of Kumi, a Sam Nazarian concept, in New York City.

In case you were wondering if mocktails — or spirit-free cocktails as they are now called — can be profitable (and you shouldn’t be), at Moon Rabbit, a Vietnamese accent in Washington, D.C., bartender Julia Christie-Robin is combining yuzu and cranberry juices with ginger syrup, topping it with soda and charging $11 for it. Not bad.

Hibiscus and white soy sauce infused with cherry blossoms are two of the unique elements in the red snapper crudo, now on the menu at Rosewater in Raleigh, N.C., as are the blood orange segments.

One state down, at Maya in Charleston, S.C., Brett Riley is serving up seasonal enchiladas, currently stuffed with potatoes and cheese and dressed in a hearty tomato-and-cream sauce.

And one more state down, at The Betty in Atlanta, Brandon Chavannes is serving a hearty cavatelli dish in a pork ragù garnished with black walnuts.

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