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New on the Menu: Traditional but lesser-known dishes from Mexico and Italy

Plus a vegan dandan noodle and a spicy Margarita with a twist

We traditionally shy away from featuring traditional dishes in NOM, because our intelligent and cosmopolitan audience is probably already familiar with them and wouldn’t benefit from another rendition of, say, spaghetti Bolognese.

But this week we’re looking at foods that are traditional, but not seen very often in the United States.

At El Fish in New York City, Julian Medina is offering a seafood tostada that is commonplace in Ensenada, Mexico, but not so much north of the border.

Similarly, at a’Verde Cocina & Tequila Library in Cary, N.C., chef Katsuji Tanabe does his own take on a traditional fisherman’s dish from Veracruz, Mexico, but he makes it more striking visually by using black rice.

And in Richmond, Va., at Lost Letter restaurant, chef and owner Andrew Manning recreates a recipe taught to him by the sister of his mentor in Italy.

Back in New York, at Piggyback by Pig & Khao, chef and owner Leah Cohen makes a vegan version of dandan noodles, and in Studio City, Calif., a spicy Margarita topped with lemonade is on offer at Leona’s Sushi House.

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