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New on the Menu: Stuffed wings, Turkish carrot spread, and a Colombian cocktail

Plus Monkfish in lobster sauce and low-carb cacio e pepe

Cacio e pepe, a classic and simple Roman pasta dish has gone from relative obscurity in the United States to one of the hottest preparations out there. It’s so popular that chefs are finding a variety of ways to riff off of it, including a version made of spiralized rutabaga instead of pasta at Farow in Niwot, Colo.,

Colombian cuisine has yet to break through to the American mainstream, but Parche, a new restaurant in Oakland, Calif., is doing its part to raise its profile, including use of rum and fruit from the South American country, which it features in a cocktail.

Eastern Mediterranean cuisine — from Greece, Turkey, Israel, Lebanon, etc. — is enjoying increased popularity, and it’s the focus of Kirby Club outside of Washington, D.C., where one of the appetizers is a garlicky carrot spread.

In Brooklyn, N.Y., at Madre, local seafood is one of the highlights, including a dish of Monkfish, lobster and mussels, all from the North Atlantic.

In a completely different part of New York City, near Bryant Park in Manhattan, chicken wings replace dumpling skins at the Japanese steakhouse Primal Fusion.

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