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New on the Menu: Rockfish Amandine and a beet latte

Plus a Filipino pork dish celebrating Asian heritage, burrata with smoked grapes and pickled shrimp

Sometimes you don’t have to do very much to make a dish your own. Chef Kristen Essig makes the New Orleans Creole dish Trout Amandine suitable for her Washington, D.C., restaurant, Dauphine’s, by using local rockfish.

Scott Siff of Tavolàta, an Ethan Stowell restaurant in Spokane, Wash., adds a unique spin to fruit and cheese by smoking his grapes.

At Sunda New Asian, chef Mike Morales, celebrating Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, recreates a dish from the Philippines, upgraded with a premium preparation of pork belly.

At The Kingstide in Charleston, S.C., Kevin Getzewich gets a bit more multicultural with his pickled shrimp salad, drawing on his Polish heritage that advocates pickling just about anything, and combining it with flavors from Thailand, plus avocado because people like avocado.

And finally at Delicious Raw, based in Miami, a latte is made caffeine-free, more nutritious and also quite pretty with the removal of coffee and the addition of beet juice.

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