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New on the Menu: Lobster Khao Soi and smoked oysters

Plus a snowball cocktail, a Tulum-inspired fruit salad and halibut with four leek preparations

Boulder, Colo., was a city opposed to food waste long before most of the rest of the country, so it’s not surprisingly that the Alaska halibut (sustainably fished, of course) at Oak at Fourteenth is served with every part of a leek.

In New York City, chef Greg Baxtrom is taking oysters (which are not merely sustainable but regenerative), smokes them and serves them with shiso oil, crème fraîche and tosazu.

On the other side of Midtown Manhattan, the newest Richard Sandoval restaurant, Tán, is serving Tulum-inspired food, including a tropical fruit salad.

At Sunda New Asian, with locations in Chicago and Nashville, culinary director Mike Morales is adding a premium touch to the northern Thai curried noodle dish khao soi by putting fried lobster in it.

And at North of Bourbon, a speakeasy-style bar in Louisville, Ky., guests are reminded to have fun with a boozy snowball made with cream soda.

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