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New on the Menu: Invasive venison and Jonathon Sawyer’s sweet potatoes

Plus mushroom karaage, broiled porgy, and a yuzu hot toddy

Japanese cuisine is now one of the biggest influences on American restaurants and bars, as can be seen in this week’s New Yon the Menu, in which karaage, a Japanese frying technique usually used on chicken, is applied to mushrooms at Money Cat in Houston, where chef Jio Dingayan uses Hen of the Woods mushrooms’ Japanese name, maitake.

And at Tiki’s Bar & Grill in Honolulu, chef Ronnie Nasuti makes Japanese dumplings, or gyoza, albeit with Korean flavors, out of venison made from deer culled from the invasive population of animals on Molokai.

And at Bar Goto and Bar Goto Niban in New York City, the Japanese citrus fruit yuzu is made into a hot toddy.

Jonathon Sawyer’s open-fire cooking isn’t particularly Japanese, but he does roast Japanese sweet potatoes, and at Cool World in Brooklyn, N.Y., Japanese daikon radishes are cooked in Japanese dashi broth and served with porgy.

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