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12 independent restaurant trends for 2023

A challenged economy will mean smarter use of technology, an upsurge in premium items, and more tequila.

It might seem surprising, but 2023 seems to be off to an optimistic start. Inflation is bad but getting better, the supply chain still has issues but they’re improving, and labor is in tight supply but looser than last year.

A recent Bank of America survey found that nearly 70% of business owners expect sales increases this year, and 52% plan to expand.

Maybe it’s just a case of managing expectations: Yes, a recession is probably looming and your customers are likely kind of skittish, but they’re not sheltering in place anymore, and they do seem willing to splurge now and then.

Predictions are always a tricky thing, but here are some of what Restaurant Hospitality’s editors see happening in the rest of 2023.

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