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Wake up! The editors of RESTAURANT HOSPITALITY recently got their wake-up call when three amazing chefs paid a visit to prepare several egg dishes mama never dreamt of. Their point: Eggs are fantastic in any daypart, and they don't have to be so darn American. With a little spice here and an herb there, eggs can take on a decidedly Mexican, Asian or European accent.

Making it look easy were American Egg Board Chef Ambassadors Jennifer Jasinki, the chef/owner of Rioja in Denver; Heather Terhune, the executive chef of Atwood Cafè and South Water Kitchen in Chicago; and Cindy Hutson, the chef/owner of Ortanique in Coral Gables and Las Vegas, and Copra in Baltimore.

What follow are recipes for Cindy's Baked Vine-Ripe Tomatoes with Poached Eggs; Heather's Fried Egg Salmon BLT; and Jennifer's Stuffed Artichoke Hearts with Tuna Tartare and Fried Egg Yolk. You'll also see photos of four other recipes, which you can access from RESTAURANT HOSPITALITY 's website:

WAY BEYOND BREAKFAST: Meet three top chefs who know how to incorporate eggs into contemporary starters, entrèes and more. Above is Jennifer Jasinski from Rioja in Denver. At far right Heather Terhune from Chicago whips up an elegant egg concoction while Cindy Hutson from Coral Gables drizzles in some oil.


Grilled Tuna NiÁoise with Poached Egg

Prosciutto, Spinach and Egg Fluffy Roulade

Linguine Carbonara with Fried Egg

Poached Codfish with Boiled Egg Relish