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Meal of Your Life: Mixologist Charles Joly spills secrets

Billy Dec chats with Global Bartending champion about making great cocktails

Chicago restaurateur Billy Dec is the host of the Meal of Your Life podcast, where distinguished guests — from fellow renowned chefs to athletes and celebrities — talk about a defining meal.

Charles Joly, Global Bartending champion and founder of Crafthouse Cocktails, a line of bottled cocktail blends, discusses the global cocktail movement, the secrets to mixing excellent cocktails and the meal he wants to eat again, even though it would mean taking a break from vegetarianism. 

You can subscribe to the Meal of Your Life podcast on iTunes.

Billy Dec is an Emmy Award winning television personality and actor and the founder and CEO of Rockit Ranch, which operates seven restaurants, bars and nightclubs in Chicago. For the past three years, he has served on the White House Advisory Commission on Asian American & Pacific Islanders and the White House Bullying Prevention Task Force.

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