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Scott Howard of Crave Hospitality Group discusses how the company has managed to make delivery tasty.

Crave Hospitality Group’s Scott Howard shares tips on getting food to travel well

The virtual-food hall in Boise, Idaho, is mastering the art of kitchen-to-door steak

Scott Howard is co-founder and chef of Crave Hospitality Group, which runs Crave Collective, a virtual-food hall concept that teams up with restaurateurs from around the world.

Currently with one location, in Boise, Idaho, but with more to come in Salt Lake City, Utah; Scottsdale, Ariz.; Dallas and beyond, the Crave Collective is a vast space with 16 kitchen suites run by 16 restaurant operators. Their food is all ordered from the same app, sent by conveyor belt to the same expediting team, packaged and delivered by their own fleet of drivers — no third-party delivery allowed — directly to the people who ordered it.

The challenge, as with all food delivery, is making sure that hot food arrives hot, cold food cold, and all of it with the texture it was intended to have. To make that happen, Howard has his own research & development team to figure out which type of packaging works best for which type of food, and sometimes to acknowledge that some food just doesn’t travel well and remove it from the menu.

In this conversation, Howard shares the work he has done to make sure steak arrives at the right temperature and that burgers still resemble burgers when they arrive at guests’ doorsteps. He even discusses new developments in French fry delivery.


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