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adam-rosenblum-causwells-san-francisco.jpg Marc Fiorito of Gamma Nine
Chef Adam Rosenblum of Causwells in San Francisco on caring for people.

Video: Adam Rosenblum of Causwells in San Francisco on how to look after staff and customers during the pandemic

Safety and humanity are the keys to keeping the business intact

The managed chaos of running a restaurant can fray the nerves of anyone, and during these trying times it can challenge an operator’s humanity.

Chef Adam Rosenblum is trying hard to keep that from happening at Causwells, his neighborhood American bistro in San Francisco.

Causwells has some advantages compared to other full-service restaurants. It got a Paycheck Protection Program loan that allowed Rosenblum to keep all of its team members employed. It has a beloved hamburger that customers enjoy for takeout and delivery. It was paid by SF New Deal to prepare food for San Franciscans in need. But it also operates in one of the most expensive and regulated cities in the country.

Still, Rosenblum has managed to offer health insurance to his employees and provide them with steady hours and a sense of security.

“No matter how hard it gets for me or the managers or the owners, we have to do the right thing, whether it hurts or not,” he said.

In this video, Rosenblum discusses what he and his staff have learned during the pandemic, and how their service style has changed to keep his workers and customers safe.

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