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John Fraser at Iris restaurant

Chef and restaurateur John Fraser offers restaurant workers food at cost

The Industry Table is a two-top at each of his restaurants with heavily discounted meals

New York City-based chef John Fraser is giving back to the restaurant industry by serving one table of restaurant workers at each of his restaurants at cost.

Called the Industry Table, it will be reserved every night at Iris, La Marchande, North Fork Table & Inn in Southold, N.Y., and The Terrace and Outdoor Gardens at the Times Square Edition hotel.

Those who book the table will enjoy around a 70% discount to regular menu prices.

Alcohol is not included for legal reasons, and guests are expected to leave an appropriate tip.

In a note introducing the initiative, Fraser said he was doing it to foster community among restaurant workers as well as to allow them to try restaurants they might not be able to afford otherwise.

“If nothing, the pandemic reminded us of how much we missed our industry family and community,” he said. “With nothing more than the simple desire to reconnect and share the fruits of our labor with like-minded, passionate folks, The Industry Table was born. 

“Alongside my team, we developed an industry-exclusive experience that welcomes you to dine at any of our restaurants as a VIP, entirely at cost

“The true intention behind this offering is to help reignite the spirit that brought us into hospitality in the first place while also rebuilding a sense of community and camaraderie. 

“Dining out in New York has become prohibitively expensive. We got into this business because we wanted to share. Exploring other chefs’ menus has, and continues to be, a key part of my culinary journey. I could not have become the chef I am today at current prices. The Industry Table is our team’s effort to help level the playing field so that all can access our restaurants and be inspired. 

“The only rules are: you cover booze, help spread the word about our program, and provide valuable feedback on your experience. That’s all we ask.

“I look forward to welcoming you.” 

The Industry Table seats two people, one of whom must be currently employed in the restaurant industry. Fraser asks that guests limit their Industry Table reservations to twice per year per restaurant so that many people have the opportunity to enjoy it. The table is not available on holidays, blackout dates, or days that the restaurant is closed.

Guests are asked to cancel their reservations 24 hours in advance or a $50 cancelation fee may be charged.

Reservations can be made here.

Contact Bret Thorn at [email protected] 

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