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2017 Best Cocktails in America: The Girl From Ipanema

These 10 cocktails, selected by the editors of Restaurant Hospitality, showcase bartenders’ creative takes on top bar trends. Read on and get inspired. See all the winners >>

The Girl From Ipanema 

Trend: Vegetable forward

Where to get it: The Whistler, Chicago  

Creator: Julieta Campos, head bartender 

Price: $10

Ingredients: Boiled purple corn with pineapple, apple and various spices; pisco; club soda; honey; lime and black pepper.    

About the drink: The drink is inspired by chicha morada, a sweet Peruvian drink made from purple corn and usually served without alcohol.

A look at the trend: As more Americans lean toward a plant-based diet, it’s no surprise that they’re looking for vegetables in their cocktails, too.

Mixologists see a world of opportunity in vegetables, as this year’s cocktail contenders presented a global farmers’ market of produce, from fruits like lychee, grapefruit and honeydew, to vegetables like carrots, roasted red pepper, beets and, in the case of this drink, purple corn.

The Girl from Ipanema at The Whistler in Chicago, a music venue with great cocktails, is inspired by the Peruvian drink chicha morada, which is typically served without alcohol, and is made by boiling purple corn with pineapple, apple and various spices.

Purple corn is purported to be higher in antioxidants than blueberries, and it gives the drink a deep purple color. It’s a trend that gives diners one more reason to drink their vegetables.

Julieta Campos, head bartender at The Whistler, creates a boozy punch with the chicha morada, adding pisco and club soda, and balancing it with honey, lime and black pepper.

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