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2020 Grand Prize Culinary Professional Recipe: Chocolate Sourdough Bread with OREO Cookie Pieces

Clearly everyone’s favorite chocolate cookie and instantly recognizable flavor when added to any food item.  I personally am a fan of the double stuffed --- perfect mix of cookie to filling ratio to satisfy my sweet craving.

Sponsored by Mondelēz International Foodservice

Barry Zelickson, Big Thrill Factory, Oakdale, Minnesota

Description: Traditional sourdough bread with a twist becomes a great breakfast, snack and dessert treat


750 grams bread flour

250 grams  whole wheat flour

800 grams  water

300 grams OREO cookie pieces

90 grams  cocoa powder

200 grams  sourdough leaven

18 grams  fine sea salt

90 grams  brown sugar

35 grams  honey

Serving Size:

2 bread loaves

Number of Servings:

24 - 50 depending on how it is sliced


Mix all of the ingredients; 60-minute rest

1 - Stretch and fold; 30-minute rest

Add OREO cookie pieces ( add ¼ each fold)

 One more stretch and fold 30-minute rest

Three coil folds, with 30-minute rests between

Divide and pre-shape; 20-30-minute rest

Final shape; rest anywhere from 8-24 hours

Bake in a Dutch oven

Convection bake at

450 F covered 25 minutes

400 F uncovered for 15 minutes.




Barry Zelickson, Big Thrill Factory, Oakdale, Minnesota

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