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Paul Voto, Chef, Nicole Restaurant, Omni Park Central Hotel, NYC

Paul Voto knew, at a young age, that the only thing he ever wanted was to be involved in foodservice. He worked summer jobs in various restaurants throughout high school and learned as much as he could about the business. He attended Culinary Institute of America, graduating in 1980. He participates in international food shows, works with chefs of different nationalities -- Hungarian, Arab, Thai, et al -- and has a wide knowledge of almost all kinds of foods. He conducts cooking lessons because he wants to share with others the expertise others shared with him. He is young, energetic, hardworking, creative, sensitive, and a perfectionist. Voto is not a "traveler," meaning he stays with a job and masters it before moving on. He shows a total commitment to his work and displays a great deal of pride in his accomplishments.