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Seafood Styles

Seafood Styles

LOBSTER BASH: Shrimp and Lobster Bisque was one of the menu offerings at Bugabook Creek Steak House

  • Kona Kampachi, a newly available native Hawaiian seafood species, is served by Chef Melissa Perello at San Francisco's Fifth Floor at the Hotel Palomar. Sashimi of Kina Kampachi is served with yuzu-shisho vinaigrette and citrus scented salt. The fish's high fat content adds flavor and moisture.
  • Lobster was featured at Atlanta-based Bugaboo Creek Steak House restaurants from July 24 through October 1 during its "Lobster at the Lodge" promotion. Menu items included Lobster and Shrimp Nachos and Lobster & Asparagus-Topped Filet.
  • Executive chef Brian Pekarcik of Arterra in San Diego features a highly marbled and versatile Sword-Fish Belly on his menu. The Local Harpoon Swordfish entree comes with Sweet Corn Blini, Cilantro-Marinated Prawns and Poblano Pepper Creme Fraiche.
  • Canadian seafood is the focus of Don's Fishmarket Grill's Nov. 2 event, "The Seafaring Tastes of Canada," held with the Canadian Club of Chicago, Chicagourmet and the Canadian Women's Club. The price of the dinner is $55 per person.