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Barbecue Beef & Saffron Potato Wrap

Barbecue Beef & Saffron Potato Wrap

Yield: 48 servings.

12 lb. flank or other steak, trimmed of excess fat
3 qt. barbecue sauce, prepared, warmed
1 tsp. saffron threads
2 Tbsp. lemon juice
1/2 carton Potato Pearls® Extra Rich
1 gallon boiling water
2 tsp. salt
48 tortillas, floured, tomato or chili flavored, 10"
1 lb. baby spinach leaves
3 cups cilantro leaves
3 cups raisins

  1. Grill or broil beef 4-5 minutes per side for medium-rare, turning once. Let stand 5 minutes; cut into thin slices. Mix with barbecue sauce; keep warm.
  2. In small bowl, crush saffron threads into powder. Stir in lemon juice; let stand to soften. Whisk potatoes into boiling water. Stir in saffron mixture and salt. Keep warm.
  3. Steam tortillas to warm and soften. For each serving: Lay 1 tortilla on flat work surface; spread with 3 oz. prepared potatoes. Top with 1/2 cup spinach leaves and 2-3 oz. barbecue beef. Top beef with 1 Tbsp. each of cilantro leaves and raisins. Roll tortilla to close. Hold wraps in steamtable pans. Note: wraps can be enclosed in foil or paper to go.