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Jianbing Company co-founders Reuben Shorser and Tadesh Inagaki Courtesy of Jianbing Company
Jianbing Company co-founders Tadesh Inagaki and Reuben Shorser

Brooklyn ‘Bing’ concept gives behind-the-scenes look

Jianbing Company to take over Restaurant Hospitality’s Instagram

Jianbing Company founders Reuben Shorser and Tadesh Inagaki will take over the Restaurant Hospitality Instagram this Friday, July 14.

Jianbing Company specializes in the Chinese street food ‘bing.’ This common dish in China is typically eaten at breakfast. Bing is a hand-held meal that works across all dayparts.

Jianbing Company just opened its first permanent location in the Dekalb Market Hall in Brooklyn. Throughout the day, Shorser and Inagaki will take followers behind the their restaurant operations within the food hall.

Jianbing Company serves Shanghai style bing with organic eggs, scallions, cilantro, house sauces and Chinese “baocui” crackers for added crunch — or with in protein fillings such as lemon-garlic chicken, hoisin-lime beef, 13-spice pork or organic honey-ginger tofu.

Follow along on Instagram @RestaurantHospitality to see the photos. 

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