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Mina Group grows inward

The Michael Mina group is working hard to recruit top talent

With more than 30 restaurants around the world, the Michael Mina group is working hard to recruit top talent serious about a career in foodservice.

“We’re not going to accept any corner cutting when it comes to the guest experience,” said Patric Yumul, president of the San Francisco-based multiconcept group. “Being short staffed or putting people into a position they’re not ready for is not an option.”

Hoping to cultivate strong talent from within, last year, Mina Group launched a Chef Fellowship program. Six candidates are identified each year — selected by managers and chefs — either from culinary schools or from among hourly workers on staff.

Those in the program are exposed to all aspects of the business and all types of cuisine served in the group’s restaurants. They’re assigned mentors who work with them as they grow. 

“By the end of it, our promise to them is that they’ll be ready to be executive sous chefs or a general manager, or on the fast track to become a GM or chef,” he said.

The first class has not yet “graduated,” but the second group has been selected, he said.

More broadly, the group is emphasizing the career path available to all. Mina Group is developing a software program that maps out a path for any employee within the company to get where they want to be. 

“It’s about showing them there’s a future and a plan for them. We’re saying here’s what you need to do and here’s what you need to learn,” he said. “It lays out for folks that you don’t have to be a server or a food runner for 10 years.”

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