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Inside Odys + Penelope, a churrasco and grill

Karen and Quinn Hatfield, the husband and wife chef team behind the acclaimed Los Angeles restaurant, The Sycamore Kitchen, debuted their newest restaurant in January.

Located in the La Brea neighborhood, Odys + Penelope is a casual churrasco and grill offering an eclectic menu of sustainable meats, seafood and vegetables. The restaurant’s name pays tribute to the legendary couple of Odysseus and Penelope of Homer’s Greek epic, The Odyssey. Much of the menu is cooked over live fire and in a wood-fired smoker. Menu items include Smoked Lamb Salad, Grilled Snake River Wagyu Tri-tip, Flash-Grilled Santa Barbara Spot Prawns and Free-Range Poussin Churrasco. Dessert menu offerings include Goat Milk Custard Brulee and Lemon Snow Copetta.

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Photo credit: Dylan & Jeni

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