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Dog Haus hot dog

Hot dogs take on global influence

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To update this iconic American favorite, jazz up the bread, consider new spins on sausage, embrace the artisanal and go global with condiments. At F.L.X. Wienery, choices include the Whole Hog ($9.95) with fried onions, bacon, cheese curds, corn relish, fried egg and chipotle mayo. Owner Matthew J. Stipe of Banter in Cleveland features brew-compatible gourmet sausages, while Dog Haus and Pitchoun! both draw on world cuisines. 

Banter Cleveland hot dog
Photo: Matthew J. Stipe/Banter

Banter in Cleveland specializes in curated craft beers, sausage and poutine. Consulting chef Adam Lambert’s menu features creations like this Crispy Fried Chicken Sausage ($9) with braised greens, sweet corn mustard and hot sauce. Other offerings: the signature Banter Hotdog ($6) with red wattle pork, smoked cheddar, Banter mustard and neon relish; and the Duck Hot Dog ($9) with duck confit, Banter mustard and caraway carrot slaw.

FLX Wienery hot dog
Photo: F.L.X. Wienery

F.L.X. Wienery in Dundee, NY, features premium local wieners and housemade sausages. Wiener choices ($2.95)—served with iceberg lettuce, tomato, red onion and potato roll or potato bread—include Zweigle’s White Hots, the Corn-It and Shirk’s Smoked Dog, shown here. Add-on options include fresh herbs, pickles, housemade sauerkraut and more.

Pitchoun French hot dog
Photo: Pitchoun!

At Pitchoun!, a bakery-style restaurant in L.A., one of the specialty sandwiches is the French Hot Dog ($9.20). It’s created with a Frankfurt sausage dipped in authentic whole grain Dijon mustard, wrapped in puff pastry and baked in the oven, then served with mixed greens on the side, dressed with classic French vinaigrette.

Dog Haus hot dog
Photo: Dog Haus

A house dog: This Thai-influenced sandwich, Another Night in Bangkok, is offered by Dog Haus, based in Pasadena, CA. Culinary director Michael Brown says, “The inspiration behind Another Night in Bangkok was to take an amazing Red Thai Currywurst sausage we already had and highlight its flavor profile by applying earthy and crisp undertones with the use of a spicy peanut sauce and a fresh Asian slaw. What I find to be the most appealing thing about the dish—besides the abundance of flavors—is its simplistic beauty, so colorful, textural and inviting.” Haus Dogs start at $5.95.

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