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2015 trends: Spices in stunning places

Restaurant Hospitality editors have been watching these trends cook all year. Here are 15 trends that are ready to come out of the oven in 2015.


What we’re seeing:

Just added two items to our grocery list: hot honey and gochujang. Each could be poised to become the next Sriracha. Diners today are more willing to take risks when it comes to spicy food—see: “ghost chili” on YouTube—and chilies from all over the world are drawing attention.

What they’re saying:

Ben Ford, Ford’s Filling Station: I’m loving the chile peppers out of Turkey—Marash, Aleppo and Ufra are the best and most readily available.

In the kitchen:

• Chefs all over the country are discovering gochujang, a savory and pungent fermented Korean condiment made from red chili, glutinous rice, fermented soybeans and salt. Paul Qui at Qui in Austin uses gochujang to coat the shrimp in his Ebi Ebi taco; David Chang at NYC’s Momofuku restaurants uses it in his Spicy Korean BBQ Chicken; and Bryan Voltaggio uses gochujang in the Kimchi Linguine at Range in Washington, DC.

• At Oceana in NYC, chef Ben Pollinger created a house-made, barrel-aged hot sauce, which he serves with his stuffed sweet plantains.

• Chef Danny Trace of Brennan’s of Houston has created a Tabasco Pecan Brittle, which he utilizes in both savory and sweet dishes, like Rum Glazed Apple Pie.

The next Sriracha?

“Gochujang is a ubiquitous ingredient among Korean families, but what has been served was a very generic version—consider it a ‘first-generation’ version. This Gochujang Korean Chili Sauce is our take at a ‘second-generation’ version, tailored to the American palate.” —Chef Edward Lee, 610 Magnolia

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